Parenting Plan Mediation – 5 Crucial Topics You Must Discuss

Divorce is already a tough process emotionally, mentally, and financially. And when you have children, it gets even more complicated. One of the main concerns of a divorcing couple is determining child(ren) access. In such a case, parenting plan mediation can be helpful. Determining a parenting plan under the supervision of a professional mediator can ensure that your kids have access to both their parents and a better upbringing. Parenting Plan MediationAt Virtual Mediation Solutions, we provide professional and experienced parenting plan mediation services in Ontario. We can assist you in making sure that your children have a comfortable upbringing and aren’t majorly affected by your divorce process. 

Here are a few topics that we want our clients to be ready with before starting a parenting plan mediation session. 

Visitation Schedule

One of the parents may have the physical and legal custody of the child(ren). This parent is responsible to determine the visitation schedule ensuring that the other parent has adequate access to the child(ren). You must be ready to work around the work schedules and other activities. 

Sharing Custody Expenses

During your parenting plan mediation, you need to come up with a clear plan about who will bear the expenses of the shared custody. In what situation will both parents be liable to bear the expenses of the child(ren). For example, if both parents live in different cities, you need to determine in what situation which parent will be responsible to bear the travel and living expenses of the child(ren).


Talk about situations where you need to swap the custody. For example, if the child(ren) is spending time with the other parent, who will be responsible for dropping and picking them up to and from school? Will it happen from the child’s residence? Or a neutral location such as a library?

School Vacations

What will happen when the child(ren) has school vacations? Who will take care of them or spend time with them? This is extremely important to determine when both parents are working. 

Emergency Change in Schedule

Make sure to discuss the schedule in the parenting plan mediation session to tackle emergency changes in the parenting schedule. What if one parent is sick to take care of the child(ren), will s/he get an extra make-up day for the same? How will you balance your parenting schedule during an emergency change in schedule?

Parenting Plan MediationApart from this, there are several other topics to be discussed during your parenting plan mediation session. If you want to know more about the same, get in touch with us at Virtual Mediation Solutions. We provide experienced parenting plan mediation sessions to divorcing couples. 

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