Divorce Mediation Ontario – 4 Major Misconceptions Debunked!

Are you thinking of filing for a divorce? If so, you might instantly think about hiring a divorce lawyer and intense court proceedings. However, the latest amendments in the Divorce Act 2021, Canadian courts suggest divorce couples use divorce mediation Ontario, negotiation, arbitration, and collaborative law like the initial methods to settle the dispute. Divorce Mediation OntarioAt Virtual Mediation Solutions, we also suggest our clients solve their dispute out of court to save money and time. But sometimes, we are met with some misconceptions about divorce mediation Ontario. And hence we decided to debunk those misconceptions once and for all. 

Misconception #1: Divorce mediation doesn’t protect the weaker or less dominant spouse. 

Truth: Although we agree that most divorce couples have a dominant spouse and a non-dominant spouse. And assuming that divorce mediation Ontario won’t protect the weaker spouse is natural. However, such is not the case! Divorce mediators are trained to ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak and that their voices are heard effectively. In fact, divorce mediation ensures that the spouses are present with their divorce mediators making them accountable for their actions. 

Misconception #2: Divorce mediation gives power to the mediator to make all the decisions

Truth: When you choose divorce mediation Ontario, you will have the power to make all the decisions. The mediators are solely responsible to assist you to ask the right questions, openly talk about all the disputes you don’t agree on, and assist you in making an informed decision.

Misconception #3: Divorce mediation is time-consuming

Truth: Well, you will be surprised to know the truth! If you think that divorce mediation Ontario is time-consuming, you certainly don’t understand the Ontario law and alternative methods. If you compare the time required for divorce proceedings in court and divorce mediation, you will be surprised to know that divorce mediation takes less time. You might only need a few weeks to come to terms with your disputes as opposed to months or years in court. 

Misconception #4: Divorce mediation will work only when you have good communication with your ex. 

Truth: To be honest, you will need mediation only when you don’t have good communication with your spouse. Lack of communication is one of the biggest reasons why couples file for divorce. Hence, divorce mediation will assist you to communicate what you need and come to an agreement.

Divorce Mediation OntarioAs you can see, divorce mediation makes it easier for you to handle the separation process. And at Virtual Mediation Solutions we believe in offering the finest divorce mediation services to our clients. 

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