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Worried about the costs of mediation services in Ontario? Have a look at our reasonably priced mediation services listed below. Whether you need family mediation or mediation in divorce or in some other family disputes, we have you covered.

Intake Session: $200/person/hour
This is a private conversation to discuss the mediation process. A space to discuss and identify what’s important to you for the mediation and any other information that will assist me in helping you reach your goals.
Hourly Mediation Joint Sessions Rate: $250/hour
It all begins with an idea, that leads to brain storming and creating solutions for all parties involved. The process of mediation is to help reduce an already stressful time through collaboration and working through both parties goals on the spot. With VMS we can meet anywhere and work with your schedules through Zoom to ensure the process works with your time lines, goals and finances.
Reporting: $250/hour
This is the process of taking all the information you provide me to create your mediation report to provide to your lawyer to create the final separation agreement and make it a legal binding document.
One Time Divorce Mate Fee $200
This is a one time fee the parties pay for their Divorce Mate File, used fall all financial information, final report and support calculations.
Hourly Mediation Prep Rate: $150/hour
To review files and client information prior to sessions. Upload and review all documents you have provided and to ensure all information is accurate and prepared for our sessions.
Mediation Package: $1600
This will include two mediation sessions and drafting of the final mediation report that you will take to your lawyer to create the final separation agreement. Additional fee of one time Divorce Mate and intakes. Call for quote!
Half or Full day sessions
Please enquire.
Additional fees may include
Any and all courier fees, travel & mileage and in some cases meeting rental spaces is required, will generate additional fees to the clients.
24 Hour Cancellation fee
Stuff happens and we understand. We just request a courtesy call/email of 24 hour cancellation prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid a potential cancellation fee.

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