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Having a dispute with your spouse is never an ideal situation. Things can escalate quite quickly and affect your life. Moreover, if you have a child(ren), a dispute between you and your spouse can tremendously affect their life. Now, we know that most times when it comes to resolving an issue, you might consider filing a case in court with the assistance of a lawyer. But let us tell you that this approach can be extremely burdening on your pocket. In fact, in the latest amendment to the Divorce Act that came into effect in 2021, the court suggests alternative methods such as family mediation Ontario to resolve such issues. Family Mediation OntarioAt Virtual Mediation Solutions, we offer effective, professional, and certified family mediation Ontario services. We can work on helping you resolve issues such as child support, parenting plan, spousal support, and more. 

Here are the two types of mediation services that we can offer you based on the types of issues. 

Open mediation

If you have opted for family mediation Ontario during your court proceedings, chances are you may have to opt for open mediation. During open mediation, the mediator can share the documents and mediation progress with the court. 

Closed Mediation

If you choose closed mediation, you, the other party, and the mediator won’t be able to share any information or documents with the court. The only exception to this are details related to the safety of the child(ren). If the mediator feels that the issues may threaten the safety of the child(ren), they can convey such to the court. One thing to note is that a family mediation Ontario session will be closed only when both parties agree to have a closed mediation. Otherwise, the mediation will be open. Another thing that we at Virtual Mediation Solutions want our clients to know is the way they can pay for the mediation session. You can choose from three ways to opt for family mediation Ontario services. 

On-Site Mediation

This is a free mediation service that both parties can get on the day the case is scheduled for hearing in the court. 

Off-Site Mediation

This includes virtual mediation services offered by providers who are certified by the Ministry of the Attorney General. Both parties need to pay a fee that will be determined by the providers based on factors such as the overall income.

Family Mediation OntarioFree Legal Aid

If you and your spouse have a very low income, you can opt for free mediation services via Legal Aid Ontario. At Virtual Mediation Solutions, we provide off-site mediation services to our clients at affordable fees. To know more about our services, you can contact us now.

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