Mediation Ontario – How to Ensure Your Spouse Participates?

You have decided to file for a divorce. You have read that mediation Ontario is the best process to settle the divorce outside court. You talk to your partner and ask them to participate in the mediation process. However, they refuse to join the mediation Ontario process. Maybe they are scared to bear the costs of a lengthy and time-consuming court case later in the process. In that case, you need to convince them to participate in the mediation process.

Mediation OntarioAt Virtual Mediation Solutions, we usually use certain methods to convince the other partner of divorcing couples to help them participate in the mediation process. Here’s what our professional mediators suggest you do. 

Offer to pay your spouse’s retainer fees during the mediation

Most times this is one of the major reasons why a spouse doesn’t want to be part of the mediation Ontario process. They think that after the mediation, they will have to move to the court for final divorce proceedings. All of this will cost a lot of money that they can’t afford to pay. Now, if you have done your research, you know that effective mediation will result in resolving your divorce more quickly than having a judge at the helm. You will spend less money than on a regular court case. So, you can offer to pay your spouse’s retainer fees too. 

Now, we know you might say how paying your spouse’s retainer fees benefit you? 

  • Well, for starters, they will be ready to participate in the mediation Ontario process which is definitely beneficial. 
  • Secondly, during the mediation process, you will discuss the distribution of assets. The fees you pay for your spouse can be added as a debt in your spouse’s assets and to yours as a credit. This debt will be repaid to you at the end of the mediation process. 
  • By paying your spouse’s retainer fees, you get cost certainty. Usually, when you go to court, the costs will keep increasing the longer your case runs. However, with mediation Ontario such is not the case. The process will last only a few weeks. So, paying your spouse’s retainer fees is a wise investment and a way to averse any risks. 
  • Lastly, this also shows your spouse that you want to calmly sit down and resolve your issues to agree. This brings you to amicable terms which make it more likely to have the best outcomes in the end of mediation.

Mediation OntarioIf you want to opt for mediation services from us at Virtual Mediation Solutions, get in touch with our team now. Our professional and experienced mediators will help you resolve your family and divorce issues amicably without spending too much time and money. 

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